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    Connection changes everything

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Founder's Message

Shanghai Youxun Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. With the gradual opening up of the communications market, China's communications market has now entered an era of contention with three state-owned telecommunications companies as the mainstay, private secondary telecommunications operators and foreign telecommunications operators as the supplement. We have determined the development idea of personalized operation. For the past 20 years, D-Link Network has focused on communication solutions, and has used its resources and technical advantages and communication business expertise to tailor communication solutions for enterprises.


"Corporate communication experts, connections change everything" is the core value of D-Link. D-Link not only pays attention to technological innovation, but also pays attention to the innovation of business models. In the past 20 years, D-Link has launched instalments and leasing according to the needs of different companies at different times. , An enterprise integrated communication upgrade solution based on revenue for equipment, etc.; based on the characteristics of small and micro enterprises, launched a network maintenance solution for broadband desktop maintenance; based on the increasing demand for Internet video conferencing, launched multi-line BGP, temporary Speed-up bandwidth conference system solution; according to the characteristics of startups, cloud office solutions such as cloud call center, cloud switchboard, cloud SMS, cloud desktop, cloud storage, etc. were launched; according to the characteristics of large inter-provincial group companies, data was launched Dedicated line plus VPN networking redundancy solution.

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