Long-distance calls can generally be divided into: domestic long-distance calls and international long-distance calls. Domestic long-distance calls refer to telephone services provided through different long-distance number areas (that is, different local telephone networks) through long-distance telephone networks (including ISDN networks). A user of a local telephone network can call a user of a local telephone network in another long-distance number area by dialing the domestic long-distance prefix and the long-distance area code. International long-distance calls refer to international telephone services provided by international telephone networks (including ISDN networks) between countries or between countries and regions. A user of a domestic telephone network can call a user of a telephone network of another country or region by dialing the international long distance prefix and country (region) code.

According to different dialing methods, long-distance fixed-line calls are mainly divided into two types: long-distance direct dialing and long-distance IP dialing.

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    Long-distance direct dialing is through direct dialing
    Local area code and telephone number for cross-regional long distance calls. It is the most direct way to make long distance calls. Easy to use, fast connection, clear sound quality, simple procedures but high tariffs. (DDD: domestic direct dial long distance, IDD: international direct dial long distance)

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    IP long-distance dialing telephone is a telephone service that is opened according to the network technology content stipulated by the International Internet Protocol. Chinese is translated into an Internet phone or an Internet phone. It uses the Internet as a medium for voice transmission, thereby realizing a brand-new communication of voice communication technology. Types of IP phones: Telecom: 17908, 17909 China Unicom: 17969, 190, 193 Mobile: 17951 Remote-Shanghai: 12593 Tietong: 17990, 17791 There are 3 ways to add an IP phone: 1. Add dial code (such as 17951) 

    2. Add IP dialer: if you don’t dial the code, add an IP dialer when the outside line comes in 

    3. Economic routing (PBX) Set up the relevant economic route in the PBX, just like installing the IP dialer, dial 0 to go long distance, no need to dial the code, set the additional dial code in the economic route

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    IP private line uses fixed-line business transmission, without the need to load the dialer, add dialing code and PBX economic routing, provide direct dialing with the same call quality, but also enjoy the low-cost IP long-distance dialing method.