Broadband services

Broadband (Broadband) in the basic electronic and electronic communications, describes the renewal or electronic circuit contains or can handle a wider frequency range at the same time. Broadband is a relative way of description. The larger the frequency range, that is, the higher the bandwidth, the more information that can be transmitted. In terms of data transmission, the telephone line is also used as the signal transmission medium, and fiber optic cables are becoming more and more popular. The modem can only send 64Kbps of data per second. Broadband ADSL and fiber modem can provide higher transmission rate composition:

Broadband network can be divided into three parts: transmission network, switching network, and access network. The related technologies of the broadband network are also divided into three categories: transmission technology, switching technology, and access technology.

Broadband transmission network is a large-capacity optical fiber network based on SDH (Synchronous Digital Series);

Broadband switching network is a comprehensive business digital network using ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) technology;

Broadband access networks mainly include optical fiber access, copper wire access, hybrid fiber/copper wire access, and wireless access.

  • DSL

    DSL (Digital Subscriber Line digital subscriber loop) technology is a broadband access technology based on ordinary telephone lines. It transmits data and voice signals on the same copper wire separately. The data signals do not pass through the telephone exchange equipment, reducing the load of the telephone exchange ; And no need to dial, always online, it belongs to a dedicated line to access the Internet. DSL includes ADSL, RADSL, HDSL, VDSL and so on.

  • Cable Modem

    Cable Modem, cable modem, also known as cable modem, commonly known as cable cat, English name Cable Modem, mainly uses cable TV network for data transmission.

  • 光纤接入网

    The ISDN integrated service digital network is a digital telephone network that is a combination of digital transmission and digital exchange. The English abbreviation is ISDN. It can realize the digital signal of the user end into the network, and can provide end-to-end digital connection, so that the same network can be used to carry various voice and non-voice services.

  • 光纤接入网

    Optical fiber access network (OAN) is an access network that uses optical fiber transmission technology, that is, a communication system that uses all or part of the optical fiber transmission between the local exchange and the user. Optical fiber has the advantages of bandwidth, long-distance transmission capability, good confidentiality, and strong anti-interference ability. It is the main implementation technology of the future access network. The FTTX access method is mostly used, in which the FTTH method refers to the fiber pass-through user's home, and generally only needs one user line. The economy is not good in the short term, but it is a long-term development direction and a good access network solution. Broadband operators: State-owned operators: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile (Tietong). ISP operators: Hanwei Communications, Wired Communications, Dr. Peng, Great Wall Broadband, SmarTone. 

    Broadband products: 

    1. Broadband business products of Chinese telecom enterprises (Urban Optical Network/EPON/IP MAN)

    2. China Unicom's enterprise broadband business products (Wo Kuai Express / Wo Kuai Express Extreme Edition / Wo Express)

    3. Broadband business products of China Mobile Enterprise (Mobile Enterprise Basic Edition/Mobile Enterprise Business Gold Leader)

    4. Broadband value-added services: BGP three-route export broadband (the same line has three outlets of telecommunications, China Unicom and mobile)

    5. Broadband value-added services: export routing optimization services