DC, IDC business

The Internet Data Center (IDC) is short for IDC, which means that the telecommunications department uses the existing Internet communication lines and bandwidth resources to establish a standardized telecommunications professional-grade computer room environment, providing enterprises and governments with all aspects of server hosting, leasing, and related value-added. Location service.

IDC business is accompanied by the development of the Internet. Its function is to provide customers with data storage, data backup, data exchange and other services through IDC's rich IT basic resources and a highly centralized and standardized operation management system. Customers can build their own information systems by renting IDC services. The basic form of IDC services is the rental of resources (including space, hosts, and bandwidth). With the continuous development of customer needs, new service models such as Network Application Service (Application Service Provider, ASP for short) have emerged, which can provide this Enterprises with similar services are generally called IDC service providers.


IDC hosting service is hosting service (server hosting service) or computer room cabinet service, which means that users have their own server and place it in the high standard computer room environment of the Internet data center, and access the Internet through high-speed data ports. Maintenance is performed by the customer itself or remotely by other contractors. The IDC equipment room provides a standard cabinet with communication power supply and can store a certain number of servers for users, and has supporting network resources, such as switch ports and egress bandwidth. Users rent entire or several cabinets to store servers, and rent network resources and other supporting facilities in the data center. The installation and debugging of the server software are all done by the hosting company, and they are responsible for providing fixed bandwidth and standard maintenance services for the host. The services include: free server monitoring service, 24-hour telephone technical support and so on.

IDC level definition: T1 (basic), T2 (component redundancy), T3 (online maintenance fully redundant system), T4 (fault-tolerant system)

IDC service provider:

Telecom operator IDC: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile

Third-party IDC: Hanwei Communications, GDS (Universal Data), 21Vianet, HOGEN, China Enterprise Communications

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