Call Center

The call center makes full use of modern communication and computer technology, such as IVR (Interactive Voice 800 Call Center Process Response System), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution System), etc., which can automatically and flexibly handle a large variety of different incoming and outgoing calls Operation and operation place of business and service. The call center has gradually transformed from a telemarketing center to a CTI (computer communication integration) integrated call center in enterprise applications. It has integrated various media such as telephone, computer, and Internet into marketing, service, and many other tasks.

A call center is a service organization composed of a group of service personnel in a relatively centralized place, usually using computer communication technology to handle inquiries and consulting needs from enterprises and customers. Taking telephone consultation as an example, it has the ability to process a large number of incoming calls at the same time, and also has a calling number display, which can automatically assign incoming calls to personnel with corresponding skills for processing, and can record and store all incoming call information. A typical call center based on customer service can have both inbound and outbound functions. While processing customer information query, consultation, complaint and other services, it can also carry out outbound services such as customer return visits and satisfaction surveys. According to technology, it can be divided into call centers based on computer boards, call centers based on switches and integrated call centers based on IP technology.

In the call center industry, there are various categories and categories such as self-built (In-House Call Center), outsourcing (Out Sourcing Call Center), hosting and equipment leasing (or Application Service Provider). form.

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    The self-built call center refers to the call center invested by the user (government or enterprise) who uses the call center. The purpose is to use the call center to develop its own business. The self-built call center is generally only used to deal with its own business and service related The call service does not provide call center services to third-party manufacturers.

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    Outsourcing call center refers to related users outsourcing their call related services to a third-party call service provider (call center). Generally, they have to pay a certain outsourcing fee. Such a call center can be called an outsourcing call center. In the field of outsourcing call centers, users or manufacturers can be divided into contractors and contractors. The contract issuer refers to the enterprise entrusting a third party to fully manage or partially manage the business of its call center. The receiving party refers to the purpose of the investment and construction of the call center by the enterprise is to use the built call center to provide its customers with its own call center functional services, or customer service, or commercial marketing.

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    Call center hosting service, as the name implies, is that enterprises hand over the call center system to professional companies for construction and management. The enterprise itself concentrates the scarce human and financial resources on the core business. The construction, maintenance, upgrade and improvement of the call center are all handled by professional companies that provide call center hosting services.

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    The call center equipment leasing business refers to that the enterprise rents all or part of the call center system equipment and application software provided by a third party to build a call center. This call center is located on the client side, and the lease party pays the lease party according to the lease time. When the contract ends , The lease behavior is terminated on its own.

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    In the past two years, a new concept has been proposed. The leased call center, the leased call center and the call center equipment lease service are not the same. The leased call center does not involve hardware equipment. It is itself a leased service.