Security Monitoring

security system(Security & Protection System,SPS)For the purpose of maintaining public safety in the society, the system of intrusion alarm system, video security monitoring system, entrance and exit control system, explosion-proof safety inspection, etc. composed of safety protection products and other related products; or these systems are combined as subsystems Or integrated electronic system or network.

The security system is mainly divided into: video monitoring subsystem, infrared intrusion alarm prevention subsystem, access control subsystem, patrol system and perimeter electronic fence prevention subsystem. The following is the introduction of each subsystem:

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    The basic business function of video surveillance is to provide a means of real-time surveillance, and to record and store the monitored picture for later playback. On this basis, the advanced video monitoring system can remotely control the monitoring device, and can receive alarm signals to trigger and link alarms.

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    Infrared alarms are divided into active and passive types. Active infrared alarm is that the alarm actively emits infrared rays. When infrared rays hit an obstacle, it will bounce back and be received by the probe of the alarm. Passive infrared alarms mainly determine whether someone is moving based on changes in the outside infrared energy. The infrared energy of the human body is different from the environment. When a person passes through the detection area, the position of the different infrared energy collected by the alarm changes, and then an alarm is issued through analysis.

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    Access control system, in the field of intelligent building, meansAccess Control System,Referred to as ACS. Refers to the prohibition authority of "door", it is right“door"Security precautions. The "gate" here broadly includes various passages that can pass through, including doors through which people pass, doors through which vehicles pass, and so on. Therefore, access control includes vehicles.

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    The patrol system is a variant of the access control system and a flexible application of the access control system. It is mainly used in buildings, factories, warehouses and field equipment, pipelines and other industries with fixed patrol operation requirements. The purpose of its work is to help the leaders or managers of various enterprises to use this system to complete the effective supervision and management of patrol personnel and patrol work records. At the same time, the system can also make detailed records of the line patrol work in a certain period. .

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    Pulse electronic fence is the perfect combination of traditional ordinary fence and alarm system. On the basis of the blocking effect of ordinary fence, the alarm function is added, the false alarm rate is extremely low, and at the same time it has the effect of deterring intruders. Therefore, pulse electronic fence The system makes up for the weakness of the traditional perimeter protection alarm system, and has the characteristics of physical barrier, active counterattack, delayed intrusion, accurate alarm, security protection and so on.