IDC Design Consulting

In the Internet era, the IDC computer room is the hub of this Internet information output. Only by building a high-availability overall computer room environment can the system hardware, software, and data be protected from external factors and eliminate the impact of environmental factors on the information system. Therefore, the requirements for the computer room are reasonable layout, advanced technology, easy operation, and scientific management to ensure the continuous, reliable, and safe operation of important equipment such as the host, storage, and network. The environment of the computer room must meet the requirements of various electronic devices such as computer equipment, network equipment, storage equipment, etc. for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, electromagnetic field strength, noise interference, safety and security, leakage prevention, power quality, vibration, lightning protection, and grounding. At the same time, it must provide a comfortable and good working environment for the staff.

As an operator of Hanwei Communication, IDC equipment room is an indispensable core component of us. Many experiences and lessons have been accumulated in the 10-year history of operation and maintenance. We continue to summarize and devote ourselves to building an IDC computer room that is truly suitable for operators.

The overall construction of the computer room project generally includes the following aspects: integrated wiring, anti-static floor laying, ceiling wall decoration, partition decoration, UPS power supply, special constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, computer room environment and power equipment monitoring system, fresh air system, water leak detection, Ground wire system, lightning protection system, access control, monitoring, fire protection, alarm, shielding engineering, etc.

With so many systems, this is an extremely complex system. But for a long time in the past, the model generally adopted by the industry is very traditional, that is, the design unit is responsible for design; the construction unit is responsible for construction; the construction is handed over to the operation and maintenance department, and finally the operation and maintenance department is responsible for long-term maintenance, and in The long-term maintenance bears the design hidden dangers, blind spots, defects and even some unsolvable contradictions left by the design unit and the construction unit, as well as the high operation and maintenance costs brought about by these problems.

Hanwei Communications breakthroughly advanced the intervention time of the operation and maintenance unit from the last to the design stage directly. All designs must use the results of operation and maintenance as the starting point. For example, we will require the design of civil engineering institutions to be based on cabinet placement standards, so that the pillars and beam structure of the entire machine room are integrated with the cabinet, gas fire pipes, cabinets, and cold and hot zone division devices. This not only ensures the maximum production of the cabinet, but also minimizes the loss of operation and maintenance.

Hanwei Communication has been adhering to the concept of "technology serves the needs" and provides services for various DC computer rooms and IDC computer rooms, including:

Construction needs analysis and project planning consulting services;

Process design consulting services;

Bidding technical support services;

Project management consulting services for the construction and implementation of computer room projects;

Acceptance consulting services;

Consultation service for establishment of operation and maintenance system;

Operation and maintenance outsourcing services.