System integration maintenance

As one of the main businesses, Hanwei Communication provides users with system integration and maintenance services for 10 years. In the services provided to users of different industries and different volumes, a large number of solutions and implementation experience have been accumulated.

Hanwei Communication adheres to the concept of "technology serves the needs". In the ever-changing development trend of IT technology, it can adjust personalized solutions for users at any time, and organize sales and after-sales technical departments and customer service departments to create satisfactory for users. IT service experience.

  • The scope of integration and maintenance includes

    1. Routing and switching network. A data transmission network composed of components such as firewalls, routers, behavior management, switches, and wireless networks. According to the content and quantity of user needs, flexibly recommend suitable equipment solutions, and be responsible for implementation and maintenance (including remote maintenance) 

    2. Local area network. The LAN is composed of servers, PCs and mainstream operating systems. Provide users with solutions, implement installation and maintenance (including remote maintenance) 

    3. Comprehensive wiring. The management end, horizontal end, working end, and vertical end are the conventional components of enterprise-level integrated wiring. Through the use of mainstream brand equipment, the implementation and maintenance of program-controlled telephones for users to establish high-quality and stable permanent links. Provide users with reasonable configuration, installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment of mainstream brands (such as AVAYA, NEC, etc.). 

    4. Access control and monitoring. Security products have high technology maturity and less iterations and updates. By recommending equipment from mainstream brands at home and abroad, we can provide users with stable and reliable functional services, and provide installation and maintenance