Voice verification code

In order to confirm the authenticity of the information of the website users or members, the major portal websites are all providing verification codes. However, when implementing this service, website users or member users often cannot receive SMS verification codes sent by the website due to various problems.

Because of the problem of verification codes, new users often give up the experience of the site without patience when registering a website. The website may lose some old customers and potential new customers. Many websites are troubled by this problem.


The emergence of voice verification codes will solve these problems, as long as the user's mobile phone or landline can answer the call normally, you can receive the voice verification code, the verification code realizes automatic voice broadcast, and can also use SMS to send to the user's mobile phone at the same time, to achieve double insurance Make sure nothing is wrong.

One of the more common voice verification codes is a way to identify web site verification codes through software and play them on the computer through TTS voice playback. The other is a relatively rare way to directly call the user's mobile phone through a voice phone to realize the voice announcement of the phone.

If the phone is answering the phone or turned off when the voice verification code is dialed, the system will automatically replay after the phone is normal, ensuring that your website user or member can receive the verification code, so that the user can have a better experience The target website helps to increase the satisfaction and popularity of the website. The emergence of voice verification codes provides a better solution to the long-term problem of unstable verification codes that are often not received, bringing users to the website, easier and more efficient operations for website managers, and users Bring a better user experience.

  • Voice verification code

    1. Page Play Mode: Add a player through the website to play the verification code in voice mode. Mainly to meet the problem of identifying verification codes for special people. 

    2. Call the reserved phone directly to obtain the verification code through communication. Compared with the first method, the dependence of the operation terminal on the audio equipment is well solved, and it is more private and has high security. 

    3. Answer the verification code through the binding phone directly through the website function. Compared with the first two methods, this process verification has a wider scope and can be used as an alternative to the popular SMS verification methods. 

    4. The voice verification code can not only issue the verification code, but also be used for anti-brushing, effectively preventing the loss caused by the false identity and the SMS receiver. Voice verification codes are highly time-sensitive, and will not fail to obtain verification codes due to operator restrictions. They are better than SMS verification codes, which can promptly feedback the answering situation and improve efficiency. Efficiency is an emerging and effective verification application program.